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Vinh Tan 2 Solar Power Plant Project

Client: Power Generation Corporation 3 (EVNGENCO 3)
Location: Binh Thuan Province
Capacity: 42,65MW
Completion time: 2019

Thông tin dự án

On 22nd of June, 2019, at Vinh Tan 2 solar power plant site, EVNGENCO3 – Owner declared commercial operation date of Vinh Tan 2 solar power plant (VT2S).

Vinh Tan 2 Solar project has total investment fund more than 986 billion VNĐ, constructed in the area of around 49ha, Vinh Tan commune, Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan province, western ash yard of Vinh Tan 2 thermal power plant. Construction duration of the project is around 6 months from effective date of the EPC contract 20th of December, 2018.

The scale of the project includes 121920 PV modules, 224 combiner boxes, 8 compact stations (each compact station contained one transformer, two inverters and one switchgear), step-up transformer 22/110kV and double circuit 110kV transmission line transited to existing single circuit 110kV transmission line named Tuy Phong – Ninh Phuoc. Capacity of the project is 42.65MWp and average annually productive energy meets 70.879 MWh/year

Completion of the project has significant mean in increase of power supply source for local consumptions and with different renewable projects put into operation contributed importantly to national grid in provide power for the high consumption of the South region in the situation potentiality of exploitation of hydraulic power source is no longer, gas source is reduce and coal is scarce.

Power Engineering Consulting J.S Company 3 (EVNPECC3) has implemented investigation work, feasible study report, total investment fund report, bidding document, EPC contract negotiation and Owner’s Engineer in management of EPC contract for VT2S project.

Therefore success of this project is one of actual evidences of EVNPECC3’s qualification and capability in execution of renewable projects appropriate to EVNPECC3’s development strategy in next years.

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