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Thermal Power


PECC3 is a leading engineering consulting company in Vietnam. PECC3 offers a wide range of multidisciplinary services in power project engineering and successful carried out several power projects, such as Thermal power, Hydropower, Renewable Energy, Power Transmission and Distribution, from the power planning, topography, hydrology survey, pre-feasibility/feasibility study, technical design, construction drawing design, project management, site supervision on EPC, non-EPC projects.

PECC3 are committed to quality assurance and are accredited to the international standards ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 27000 (information security management). PECC3 also have published policy statements on quality ensuring that a high standard is pursued on all projects.

PECC3, as a strong and prestige Power Engineering Consulting Company, has vividly specialized and experienced in thermal power plants, hydro power plant, transmission lines and renewable energy. Proudly, PECC3 has been the main Consultant in many thermal power plants and thermal power complexes, especially as follows:

  • Planning of Quang Trach (2400 MW), Long Phu (4400 MW), Quang Tri (2400 MW), Nghi Son (1800 MW) coal-fired power complexes;
  • Preparing, designing and elaborating the FS (including site survey) for
    • PVN: 2×600 MW Long Phu 1 coal-fired TPP, 2×600 MW Song Hau 1 coal-fired TPP;
    • BOT Projects: 2×600 MW Long Phu 2 coal-fired TPP (TATA POWER), 2×600 MW Nghi Son 2 coal-fired TPP (MC/KEPCO);
    • EVN: 2×300 MW Nghi Son 1 coal-fired TPP, 750 MW O Mon IV CCPP, 2×600 MW Duyen Hai 3 coal-fired TPP, 1×600 MW Duyen Hai 3 Extension coal-fired TPP.
  • Preparing, designing and elaborating the Technical Design (TD) or FEED for 2×300 MW Nghi Son 1 coal-fired TPP, 750 MW O Mon IV CCPP, 1×600 MW Duyen Hai 3 Extension coal-fired TPP, 1200 MW Hiep Phuoc CCPP;
  • FS and Basic Design review for 2×600 MW Duyen Hai 1 coal-fired TPP, 2×600 MW Vinh Tan 4 coal-fired TPP, 750 MW O Mon III CCPP;
  • Responsible for Owner Engineer:
    • Under commercial operation: 2×300 MW Nghi Son 1 coal-fired TPP, 165 MW Phu My 2.1 extensions add-on power plant, Ba Ria power plant (37.5 MWx6 + 25 MWx2, gas turbine), 2×120 MW Mao Khe coal-fired TPP, 2×110 MW Son Dong coal-fired TPP; 2×600 MW Vinh Tan 4 coal-fired TPP, 2×600 MW Duyen Hai 3 coal-fired TPP.
    • Under construction projects: 1×600 MW Vinh Tan 4 Extension coal-fired TPP.
  • Moreover, we have vividly experiences in coal supply and transportation. Proudly, PECC3 is the only consultant specialized in elaboration of coal supply and transportation reports for the 1st EVN’s project using imported coal, 2×600 MW Duyen Hai 3 coal-fired TPP.

Definitely, PECC3 has close relationships with local authorities and competent agencies such as Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT), Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE), Ministry of Transportation (MT), Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI), National Power Transmission Corporation (NPT), Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) and so on.



Pre-FS: Pre-feasibility studyRP: Resettlement planPC: Power complex
FS: Feasibility studyEIA: Environmental impact assessmentTPP: Thermal power plant
CCPP: Combined-cycle power plant
NoProjectCapacityOwnerConsulting services performed by PECC3
Plan-ningInvesti-gationPre-FSFSEIABasic DesignCost Est.TD FEEDConst. Sup.vi
  I. Combined cycle power plant projects
1Ba Ria 306-2, 56 MW, CCPP56MWEVN1998199819981998199819992001
2Phu My 2.1 Extension Add-on, CCPP165MWEVN200220022002200220022002
3O Mon IV CCPP750MWEVN200720072007200720072010
4O Mon II CCGT750MWMOIT20092009
5O Mon IV CCGT1050MWEVN20182019201920192019
6Hiep Phuoc CCGT1200MW(*)2019201920192020
7ECV LNG BOO CCGT1200MW(*)2019
8Khi Mien Trung I&II2x750MWPVN20192020 (going)2020 (going)2020 (going)
9Son My II BOT CCGT3x750MW(*)202020202020 (going)20202020 (going)2020 (going)
  II. Coal-fired thermal power plant projects
1Nghi Son PC1800MWEVN20042004
2Nghi Son 1 TPP2x300MWEVN2006200620062006200620082014
3Long Phu PC4400MWPVN20072007
4Quang Trach PC2400MWPVN20082008
5Long Phu 1 TPP2x600MWPVN20082008200820082008
6Song Hau 1 TPP2x600MWPVN20092009200920092009
7Nhà máy nhiệt điện Duyên Hải 32x622MWEVN200920092009200920092017
8Duyen Hai 3 Ext. TPP1x688MWEVN201320132013201320132015
9Quang Tri PC2400MWMOIT20132013
10Nghi Son 2 BOT TPP2x665MWMarubeni & Kepco20142014201420142014
11Long Phu 2 BOT TPP2x660MWTATA Power20152015201520152015
12Son Dong TPP2x110MWVinacomin2010
13Mao Khe TPP2x220MWVinacomin2013
14Vinh Tan 4 TPP2x600MWEVN2017
15Vinh Tan 4 Ext. TP1x600MWEVN20152015201520152019

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