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Power Transmission & Distribution


Transmission and Distribution: It is the traditional consulting services. Now, PECC3 has been providing services to EVN, NPT and others in order to build over tens of thousands of kilometers of power transmission line and over hundreds of substations with voltage up to 500kV.
Consulting on power transmission and distribution network projects:

  • Planning for regional, provincial power development, preparing and reviewing FS, technical design, detailed design, supervising construction, investigating, surveying on topography, geologys, measuring and drawing land boundary; establishing of cadastral maps for project land clearance of construction projects, advising on research and assessment of environment impact for projects to 500kV.
Đường dây 500kV Quảng Ninh

Transmission line projects

(Circuit Number x KM)
500kV Transmission lines
1Da Nang – Ha Tinh2×125
2Phu My – Song May2×66
3Song May – Tan Dinh2×41
4Quang Ninh – Hiep Hoa2×140
5Song May – Tan Uyen2×20
6Long Phu – O Mon2×85
7Song Hau – Duc Hoa2×133
8Connection of Nghi Son 2 Thermal Power Plant2×80
9Duc Hoa – Chon Thanh2×105
10O Mon – Thot Not2×35
220kV Transmission lines
1 Thot Not – Chau Doc – Tinh Bien2×96
2My Tho – Ben Tre2×16
3Kien Luong – Chau Doc1×72
4Ham Thuan – Phan Thiet1×70
5Tan Dinh – Ben Cat 12×16
6Vinh Long – Tra Vinh2×65
7Buôn Kuôp – Đắk Nông2×60
8Đắk Nông – Phuoc Long – Binh Long2×95
9Trang Bang – Tay Ninh2×50
10Song May – Uyen Hung2×21
11Tan Dinh – Uyen Hung2×16
12Ben Tre – Mo Cay2×16
13Long Phu – Can Tho – Tra Noc2×85
14Long Phu – Soc Trang2×35
15Cai Lay – Cao Lanh2×57
16Cao Lanh – Thot Not2×32
17Tan Uyen – Thuan An4×13
18Dong Ha – Hue2×78
19South Sai Gon – District 8 underground cable2×6
110kV Transmission lines
1Phu Lam – Duc Hoa2×35
2Phu Lam – My Tho1×60
3Xuan Loc – Cam My2×30
4Dai Ngai – Tran De1×100
5Chau Doc – Tri Ton1×37
6Da Nang – Dai Loc2×125
7Ba Don – Song Gianh2×21
8Connection of Yantanshien hydropower plant2×26
9Thi Vai – Posco4×46
10Krong Buk – Cư M’Ga2×20
11Hoa Binh – Krong Ana2×9
12District 8 – Chanh Hung underground cable2×5
13South Sai Gon – South Sai Gon 3 underground cable2×5
14Da Nang – Lien Tri underground cable2×5,3

Substation projects

500kV substations
1Song May600MVA & 250 MVA
2Tan Uyen900MVA & 220kV, 250MVA
3Duc Hoa900MVA
4Switchyard of Long Phu Power Complex600MVA
5Upgrade capacity of 500kV O Mon substation, (up to 900MVA)
6Quang Ninh600MVA & 250 MVA
7Pleiku600MVA & 250 MVA
8Upgrate from 220kV to 500kV Switchyard of Song Hau Power Complex
9Chon Thanh
10Feeders expansion of 500kV Phu My, Tan Dinh, Pleiku substation.
22OkV substations
1GIS District 82x250MVA
2Long Xuyen1x250MVA
3Can Tho1x250MVA
4My Xuan2x250MVA
5Thuan An2x250MVA
6Tra Vinh2x125MVA
7Uyen Hung2x250MVA
8Tay Ninh2x250MVA
9Phu My Industrial Zone 22x250MVA
10Duc Trong220kVx125MVA & 110kVx40MVA
11Xuan Loc1x250MVA
12Phan Thiet125MVA
13Mo Cay2x125MVA
14Binh Long2x125MVA
15Trang Bang2x250MVA
16My Phuoc2x250MVA
17Chau Doc2x125MVA
18Tao Dan250MVA
19Long An2x125MVA
20Cao Lanh2x125MVA
21Ben Tre2x125MVA
22Ca Mau2x250MVA
23Quang Ngai125MVA
24Krông Buk125MVA
25Da Nhim2x63MVA
27Bac Ninh 23x250MVA
110kV substations
1Tan Binh63MVA
2Đong Phu63MVA
3Hoa Thanh1x63MVA
4Phuoc Dong1x63MVA
5Phuoc Duc1x63MVA
6Nam Phu Quoc63MVA
7Bac Phu Quoc63MVA

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