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Hydro Power


Experienced in designing and supervising a lot of hydropower plants, PECC3 has participated to construction consultancy many small and medium hydro power plants, pumped storage hydropower plants, large hydropowerd plants wich have dams of 100m height, contructed by roller compacting concrete technology (RCC).

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Consulting service for Hydro power and Irrigation:

  • Planning for hydropower on rivers in Vietnam and Asean: Planning for hydropower in Cambodia; Planning for medium and small size hydropower plants in Thua Thien Hue and Quang Nam province.
  • Preparing Pre-feasibility Study reports (Pre-FS), feasibility study reports (FS), technical design (FEED), detailed design for hydropower plants, pumping storage power plant (PSPP) and irrigation projects: Moc Chau PSPP (pre-FS, Capacity (Ca)=900MW); Song Bung 2 hydropower plants (FS, FEED, detail design, Ca=100MW, CFRD dam height=98m, the highest CFRD dam of EVN); Song Bung 4a hydropower (adjustment FS, FEED, detail design, Ca=49MW); AlinB1 hydropower (adjustment FS, FEED, detail design, Ca=46MW); AlinB2 hydropower (adjustment FS, Ca=20MW); Song Giang 2 hydropower (adjustment FS, FEED, detail design, Ca=37MW); Song Giang 1 hydropower (adjustment FS, FEED, Detail design, Ca=12MW); Van Phong hydropower (additional Planning report, FS, FEED, detail design, min water head=3.24m, the lowest min water for hydropower in Vietnam); Nam Hoa 2 hydropower (adjustment FS, FEED, detail design, Ca=8MW); Nam Hoa 1 hydropower (adjustment FS, FEED, detail design, Ca=18MW); Dami 1 hyropower (FS, Ca=60MW); Thac Ba (FS, Ca=18MW); Song Giang 2 (adjustment FS, FEED, detail design, Ca=37MW); Song Giang 1 (adjustment FS, FEED, detail design, Ca=2MW); Dakre (adjustment FS, FEED, Ca=60MW); Nam Cat – Bac Kan Irrigation (Adjustment FS).
  • Review Pre-feasibility study reports (Pre-FS), feasibility study reports (FS), technical design (FEED), detail design for hydropower plants and Irrigation projects: Lower Sesan 2 (400MW, technical design), Upper Kontum (FEED, detail design, 220MW), La Ngau (FEED, detail design 46MW), Ban Chat (FEED, detail design, 100MW), Dong Nai 3(detail design, 180MW), Dong Nai 4 (detail design, 340MW), Xekaman1 (detail design, 290MW), Sanxay (detail design, 32MW); Ban Lai Reservoir (2045 ha), Ho Duong Reservoir (325ha), Khuon Vo Reservoir (325ha), PleiPai Reservoir & Ialôp weir (1847ha), Ngan Truoi Main Cannel system (FEED, 31 227ha) etc.
  • Dam safety Evaluation: Dac Drinh (125MW), Song Bung 4a (49MW), Ea Krong Ru (28MW), Da Siat (13.5MW), Da Dang 2 (34MW), Ry Ninh (3.6MW), An Diem (5.4MW) Dam Bri (75MW), Dray H’linh (12MW), Song Ba Ha (220MW).
  • Mean annual energy evaluation for Hydropower plants: Song Bung 4 Hydropower, Ca=156MW;
  • Elaboration Specification for reservoir operation: Dong Nai 5 Hydropower, Nlm=150MW; Song Bung 4 Hydropower, Ca=156MW.
  • Supervision for Hydropower Irrigation plants and the otherCivil works: Dong Nai 3 (180MW), Dong Nai 4 (340MW), Ban Chat (100MW), Dong Nai 5 (150MW), Xekaman 1 (290MW), Sanxay (32MW), Bac Me (45MW), Da Dang (14MW).

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