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Human Resource

PECC3’s total personnel in April 2021: 468 employees


bieu do nguon nhan luc en

The workforce of PECC3 has nearly 500 managers and employees, who are dynamic young people, with high expertise, well-trained in professional competencies and management and teamwork capabilities. We are proud to have the most experienced engineers and specialists, which is the foundation for our outstanding power projects.

– Total number of engineers and specialists: 405
– Number of engineers and specialists over 10 years of experience: 285
– Number of experts over 20 years of experience: 111
– And especially 36 experts over 30 years of experience.

We are a team of consultants, designers, engineers, managers and constructors, specialized in fields of electricity, construction, architecture, hydroelectricity, mechanics, energy, geodesy, geology, hydrology, economics, environment, finance, law, informatics… and graduated from Universities – Colleges in Vietnam and overseas. Our team is strong for keeping integrity, trust, innovation and coalition.

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