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Client: Enterprize Energy Pte. Ltd.
Location: Binh Thuan Province
Capacity: 2400MW
Completion time: 2019

Thông tin dự án

Thang Long Offshore Wind Power Project (THE KEGA OFFSHORE WIND PROJECT) is co-invested by energy companies led by Enterprize Energy Group.

EVNPECC3 is a consultant to make the survey plan, design and is preparing additional planning report. Total surveyed area is ​​2,800 km2, of which the surveyed area for wind farm development is about 2,000 km2. The project location is offshore about 30-50km from the coast of Binh Thuan (Ke Ga cape), with the potential average wind speed of 9.5m/s; the project is applied with one of the most advanced technologies in the world today; each wind turbine has a capacity of 9.5 MW provided by Mitsubishi Vestas Offshore Wind (MVOW). The first phase will be put into operation of 600MW and fully developed with a total capacity of 3,400MW – said by Mr. Thai Tuan Tai, Chairman of EVNPECC3’s Board of Directors.

Mr. Ian Hatton, Chairman of Enterprize Energy (EE), said “with the desire to develop the clean energy sector in Vietnam in order to contribute to reducing emissions in the energy industry, building a green environment for future generations in Vietnam and the world…etc. I sincerely thank you the Government of Vietnam, concerned agencies for creating conditions for Enterprize Energy to develop and implement this project”.

On November 25, 2015, the Prime Minister issued the Decision No.2068/QD-TTg approving the development strategy of renewable energy of Vietnam by 2030 with a vision to 2050. The main content of the Strategy is too encourage the mobilization of all resources to promote the development and use of renewable energy, in order to reduce dependence on fossil energy sources, contribute to ensuring energy security, mitigating climate change, giving environmental protection and sustainable socio-economic development. Under this policy, Thang Long Offshore Wind Power Project – Ke Ga Offshore area in Binh Thuan province is exploited and developed by Enterprize Energy Group.

On June 6, 2019, Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung instructed the plan for a detailed survey of the Ke Ga offshore wind project, Binh Thuan. Specifically, the Deputy Prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Industry and Trade to consider and decide on the approval of the survey plan of Enterprize Energy (EE) group and allowed EE to conduct the survey in accordance with the direction of the Prime Minister in the Official Document No. 621/VPCP – QHQT dated January 22, 2019 of the Government Office.

On June 12, 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued the Official Document No. 4148/BCT-ĐL approving the survey, research and construction investment in Ke Ga offshore wind project as a first foundation for the development of the offshore wind energy in Vietnam.

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