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Thank you Autodesk for recognizing Substation 110kV My Phuoc 3 project as Better World Builder of the Year. It is our honour to be here and share some thoughts with all of the distinguish guests and technological friends from all over the world.


This award means a lot to us – Power Engineering Consulting Company 3. Our team has been working very hard to build the project in digital transformation and convince the traditional partners who are still “BIM-strangers” in Vietnam. To sucessfully prepare for this project, we has spent twice the efforts for the project itself and for training our relevant traditional partners so that all parties could work well together using digital transformation.

One of the greatest motivations that helped us successfully accomplish this project was the sustainable development for the community. By building this substation, energy problems of the area in Ben Cat Town would be solved and we are not only building up power system, but also building up the trust. And technology – specifically BIM – has contributed its values to this.

PECC 3 thắng giải nhất Việt Nam dự án xây dựng thế giới bền vững

Autodesk ASEAN 2021 – một cuộc thi thường niên nhằm vinh danh các dự án và con người trong khu vực ASEAN


As one of the leading engineering consulting companies in Vietnam for power and energy, we are stepping forward with a big move, using innovation and technology instead of traditional process. On behalf of PECC3, I thank Autodesk and your team for supporting companies and businesses with excellent products. And I myself am thankful for having opportunity to work with a team of young and energetic engineers and consultants of this project. Let me send my gratitude to Mr. Lac Thai Phuoc, the project leader, and his members; to our partners and clients; to Government bodies, EVN; and to each and every member of PECC3. All of you have contributed to this success.

Tổng Giám đốc Nguyễn Như Hoàng Tuấn phát biểu lời cảm ơn
CEO Nguyen Nhu Hoang Tuan 

Today’s award is one of the proofs that there is great space for power and energy in Vietnam to thrive more in the future with sustainability. We are so proud to be a part of it and hope to have the opportunities to work with our friends and partners who are also here today. Congratulations to all of us and to the future!

Autodesk ASEAN 2021 5

Thanks again and wishing you all best.

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