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On 24th of March 2024, the EPC project “LEGO 110kV substation and connection” has been successfully energized and put into safe operation. The project is implemented by the Consortium of contractors of Power Engineering and Consulting Joint Stock Company 3 (“PECC3”) and Information Technology Application and Development Joint Stock Company (“PECC3-AIT Consortium”) – in which PECC3 is the leading member; the investor is LEGO Manufacturing Vietnam Co., Ltd. (“LEGO Vietnam”).

TBA 100kV LEGO 001
TBA 100kV LEGO 002

Photo 1. Fire truck on duty at the substation during the energization

The project is located in the area of LEGO factory – 44ha – in Vietnam – Singapore Industrial Park III in Hoi Nghia ward, Tan Uyen city, Binh Duong province. Notable works include two 110/22kV transformers with a capacity of 40MVA each, a control house, a 110kV distribution yard system installed outdoors and a 22kV distribution system installed indoors. New construction of 110kV transmission lines connecting substations on the existing 110kV Phu Dao – Uyen Hung line, with a length of 60 meters.

TBA 100kV LEGO 003

Photo 2. Workers working at height on the transmission tower

TBA 100kV LEGO 004

Photo 3. Preparation meeting to discuss the energization procedure

The substation is equipped with a remote collection, monitoring, metering and control system; automatic, advanced, and highly appreciated fire protection system; The connection to the regional control center improves operational efficiency and enhances the ability to respond quickly in the event of an emergency. The successful energization of the substation is one of the major milestones of the LEGO Factory Project, ensuring power supply to support the following trial operation of equipment and production.

TBA 100kV LEGO 005

Photo 4. LEGO’s representative coordinating with A2, proceeding to energization

To achieve this memorable milestone, it is worth mentioning the proud efforts of the project teams consisting of experts and personnel of PECC3, AIT, Gleeds (Project Management), and LEGO themselves. Their patience, dedication and high expertise have not only led the project through technical challenges but also contributed significantly to the implementation of the sustainability commitment set by the investor. This project has shown the creativity and innovation in the working process, as well as the ability of PECC3 staff to solve problems quickly and effectively. These efforts have not only ensured project progress but also created an effective working model for future projects.

TBA 100kV LEGO 006
TBA 100kV LEGO 007

Photo 5. Front yard before the energization

TBA 100kV LEGO 008

Photo 6. Room MV1 before the energization

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