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EVNPECC3 won the award “EPC Company of the Year”

ASEAN Wind Energy 2023 (AWE2023) is one of the most prestigious international wind power events as well as the leading clean energy event in the region and it is increasingly known in the renewable energy sector in Southeast Asia.

The event is an opportunity for individuals and businesses to connect and establish relationships with wind farm operators, turbine manufacturers, financial investors, consulting and legal firms, and investors. construction and components manufacturing, logistics and ports, power grid suppliers and operators, as well as wind technology providers.

AWE2023 was held on 30 and 31 October 2022, with over 8000 of attendees, more than 100 speakers, and 120 exhibitors and sponsors, the experts shared expertise and experience on financial policies and regulations, project development, resource management as well as cooperation in the field of renewable energy.

Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 3 (EVNPECC3) was honored to win the award “EPC company of the year” from the Wind Future Awards, by the Vinh Loc 2 110kV Substation and recently the substation for the LEGO 110kV Substation, which is in the implementation phase. This award marks an achievement and motivates EVNPECC3 to try harder in EPC field and continue our mission in the electricity industry.

EPC 2023
EVNPECC3 was honored to win the award “EPC company of the year”

The experts in the field of wind power, sharing their presentations and engaging discussions, in the discussion section on the topic “Innovative solutions to Manage Risk in offshore wind power project development”, EVNPECC3 has assigned Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Phuc Dang, discussed policy aspects of the future of offshore wind power at Vietnam and EVPECC3 always strongly support with sustainable development of renewable energy.

EPC 2023 2
Mr. Phuc Dang (the 2nd from the right) in the panel discussion “Innovative Solutions to Manage Risk in Offshore Wind Project Development”
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