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Monday, 20/03/2017

Completion of unit No.2’s reliable run of Duyen Hai 3 TPPP

At 9 AM, March 17, 2017, unit No.2 with capacity of 622.5 MW of Duyen Hai 3 TPPP (2 x 622.5 MW) finished successfully the reliable run within duration of 30 days as stipulated in the EPC Contract. This is an important milestone for officially putting the last unit of the project into commercial operation.

In the situation of power shortage for the South from 2017 due to delay of some IPP, BOT power source projects of other investors, the commercial operation of both units of Duyen Hai 3 invested by EVN contributes a critical role for timely supplying power to the South, especially in dry season of 2017.

dh3 img 0003

Picture: Engineers at the time completion of unit No.2’s reliable run of Duyen Hai 3 TPPP

Duyen Hai 3 TPP is in Duyen Hai power complex, consisting of two units, with total installed capacity of 1,245MW (2×622.5 MW). Annual power output generated will be about 7.8 billion kWh (equivalent to about 9% power output of the South in 2017). As being put into operation, the power plant will increase capability of power supply serving for socio-economic development of the Mekong River Delta, reducing the transmission of power from the North to the South, reducing power loss, increasing safety, stability and economy in operation of the power system.

Duyen Hai 3 TPP uses imported coal, with advance combustion technology, ensuring high requirements on availability, efficiency, stability, safety as well as ensuring environmental protection requirements by applying dust collection, de- NOx and de-Sox methods via modern and advanced equipment. Fuel used for the power plant is imported coal. Coal will be transported to the power plant by water-way transportation mean with loading capacity up to 30,000DWT.

Process of project implementation, from the preparation of feasibility study report, bidding document, supervision consultation, especially consultation of imported coal procurement for trial run and commercial operation have been implemented by PECC3.

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