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Green Hydrogen For Power Sector

On the date of 4th July 2023, a Workshop on Green Hydrogen for Power sector was hold in Hanoi, the hosting conference is HDF Energy who is the global pioneer of high-power hydrogen power plants. The company develops, finances, builds and operates two power plant models that produce non – polluting renewable energy

  • Renewstable (power to power)
  • Hypower (gas to power)
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Ambassador Nicolas Warnery emphasized the important role and position of green hydrogen in Vietnam’s energy policy as well as in Vietnam’s cooperation with international partners, especially with France. Green hydrogen is an essential energy storage solution in the future, especially in remote and isolated areas where electricity grids are difficult to build. France is one of the three leading countries in the world in the field of green hydrogen by the number of patents, research, development, equipment production, enterprises in many scales. Based on Vietnam’s energy potential and demand, HDF Energy’s technology and experience, the French Ambassador believes that this will be a bridge in cooperation between the two countries in the energy sectors.

The seminar took place with six presentations, well-planned and informative contents covering all from Hydrogen development policy to the interest of investment funds and institutions. The Q&A session was lively with many deep and topical questions from the audience.

Mr. Pierre Martin, Deputy Economic Counselor French Embassy in Vietnam introduced France’s National hydrogen development strategy. In the energy transition trend, France is not only a pioneer but is also ready to commit to support developing countries that aspire to go green in the energy sector.

Director Asia of Hydrogene de France (HDF Energy), Mr. Mathieu Geze presented HDF’s unique solutions. The company is also expected to mass produce high-power fuel cells in 2023. The company has a strategy to enter the heavy rail and marine industry.

Prof. Dr. Pham Hoang Luong from Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) highlighted the main principles, perspective, and solutions of Power Development Plan VIII (PDP 8). With the perspective of a profound and experienced scholar as the first opponent-reviewer of the Power Development Plan VIII, the Professor has clarified the overall picture and role of each type of power source, carbon reduction strategy of Vietnam.

Managing Director of Saigon Asset Management Mr. Nghiem Xuan Hoang brought to the seminar the perspective of investment funds and financial institutions. He also emphasized the supporting role and investment priorities of the financial industry.

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PECC3’s representative – Mr. Pham Ngoc Hoang Minh presented to the audience closer to reality of hydrogen sector, pointing out potential locations for green hydrogen production projects in Vietnam. The presentation also updated the status of hydrogen application in various fields around the world. The constraints and challenges outlined provide involved visitors with a preliminary risk assessment.

The Vietnam Petroleum Institute (VPI) is of reputable organizations in the energy industry and attends at prominent industry events. Joining the seminar, Dr. Phan Minh Quoc Binh – deputy director of the institute presented details of the research contract cooperation between VPI and HDF on the possibility of existence of excess Hydrogen sources in industrial facilities in the territory of Vietnam. Similar to PECC3, VPI is HDF’s partner to conduct preliminary studies on the Hydrogen sector in Vietnam.

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Clean energy in general and Green Hydrogen in particular – is an inevitable trend in the energy transition in Vietnam. Discussing the global trend of hydrogen development, experts said that Vietnam should soon issue appropriate policies and mechanisms to develop the hydrogen value chain; promoting investment lure to develop green hydrogen production projects, focusing on research and development, elaboration and promulgation of technical codes and standards on hydrogen safety & applications.

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