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Applying BIM for Near-shore Wind Farm Design

Faced with the rapidly growing application of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the construction sector, especially when the Prime Minister issued Decision No. 258/QD-TTg on March 17th, 2023 on the approval “Roadmap for the application of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in construction activities” has created a new turning point in the field of design, investment management, construction engineering. Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 3 (EVNPECC3) has made preparations to adapt to new design trends.


Since 2016, PECC3 has organized new training courses for the whole company from management level to design engineer with the goal of soon applying BIM for company’s design field. Today, training work continues to include internal training and attending intensive courses. This has helped the company’s BIM manpower develop strongly and almost every department in the company has engineers and managers who know to apply BIM.

BIM 001

Scene of the training course at the office of EVNPECC3

BIM 002

Scene of certification celebration after the training course

For equipment for BIM work, PECC3 has upgraded, equipped with suitable computers for engineers and managers, also purchased copyrighted softwares. By September 2022, PECC3 officially issued the BIM project implementation procedure for the whole company.

BIM 003

Core factors for PECC3 BIM development

PECC3 has been carefully prepared for manpower, equipment and project implementation procedure, ready for the new design environment and meeting customer requirements in BIM application.


In April 2023, PECC3 completed the BIM-applied design product for the nearshore wind farm project with transmission line, substation, power plant with auxiliary items.

BIM 004

The finished product of a BIM project includes but not limited to the following parts:

BIM 005
    • CDE (Common Data Environment): Project implementation environment – where project files, processing requirements, documents between related parties are stored, …
    • 3D Design: Overall model of the project, allowing to view equipment & other items information, …
    • Clash check: handle conflicts and collisions between project items and provide solutions
    • 2D Design: publish drawings for construction work
    • Volume: All elements and equipment on the model are exported in excel format. This makes volume control very effective, saving time and manpower.
    • Schedule: The progress of the project according to the plan and actual implementation is exported in Microsoft Project format (*.mpp)

Project overall

110kV substation – control house – office

Accommodation – Warehouse – Guardian house

Pedestrian bridge

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