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Monday, 27/08/2012



Supervising construction for Bourbon power plant – Tay Ninh (25MW), Amata – Dong Nai (120MW), Son Dong thermal power plant (220MW), Srepok 4 hydro power plant in Dak Lak (80MW).

giam sat

Supervisory for construction of RCC dam in Ban Chat hydro power plant

Supervising construction for and Nong Son thermal power plant (30MW), Mao Khe (440MW), Nghi Son 1 thermal power plant (2x300MW), hydro power plant projects such as : Dong Nai 3 (180MW), Dong Nai 4 (340MW), Dong Nai 5 (150MW), Ban Chat (220MW), Song Giang 2 (37MW), Srepok 4 (80MW).

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