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Tuesday, 31/12/2019

PECC3 organized “Agile / Scrum project management” training courses

PECC3 with BitTrain organized 2 training courses “Agile / Scrum project management” for PECC3’s engineers; on October 1 – October 3, 2019 and November 6 – November 11, 2019.

Agile 001
Agile 002

The course helps PECC3’s project managers to be familiarize themselves with Agile methodologies (Scrum, XP, Lean, Kanban…) and begin using those new methodologies effectively and confidently in their projects.

Agile 003
Agile 004

With this course, PECC3 participants are very excited and enthusiastic. They also interact very well with the lecturer, raise concerns, good questions, especially considering how to apply the knowledge learned in practice accordingly. Participants actively participate in group work and are responsible for group activities so that the class always has an exciting, positive, and effective atmosphere.

Agile 005
Agile 006

Mr Nguyen Hoang Khoa, a participant of the course said:
“Agile helps me change my approach to work. Previously in state-owned companies, employees only worked assigned. When unassigned, working is inefficient. Agile gives me a way to change that habit. The way I approach my work through improved methods, improving my potential, especially in teamwork. Teamwork is now almost mandatory, unable to work independently. A team want to be good, each member must be good. Each member’s skills must not be too different, the leader must know how to coordinate and connect the members. Micro changes on an individual basis are very good. However, the macro changing the whole company is very difficult and takes a lot of time. It doesn’t mean we can’t do it, the question is whether it is appropriate or not.”

Agile 007

Duy Khanh

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