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Wednesday, 27/11/2019

Constructing 2 highest 500 kV electric poles in Vietnam

These are the positions of poles No. 05 and 06 crossing the Hau river of the 500kV Song Hau – Duc Hoa transmission line project. The construction and installation of poles as well as stringing at these two locations is very complicated, so it has a great influence on the overall progress of the project.

Song Hau – Duc Hoa 500kV transmission line project is invested by National Power Transmission Corporation (EVNNPT), designed by Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 3 (PECC3), is being accelerated by the Southern Power Project Management Board (SPMB) and related units to be able to energize phase 1 in December 2019.

In particular, the 2 poles crossing the Hau River are the 2 highest poles in Vietnam so far. Each pole has a height of 175m. EVNNPT has instructed SPMB (project management unit) and Power Transmission Company 4 (supervision consultant, will receive the line for operation management) to focus on coordinating and supporting Power Construction JSC 1 (PCC1) to construct on schedule and assure quality for these 2 locations, as well as the whole project.

According to Mr. Vo Hong Quang – Vice Director of PCC1, due to the location of two poles near the river bank, the construction area is very narrow, difficult for gathering materials. Each location has more than 1,000m3 of concrete so it takes nearly 4 months to complete the foundation of the pole.

To transport the poles (weight of about 800 tons / pole) to the location, PCC1 had to hire a large barge to transport and use 2 cranes (one 450 tons and one 50 ton truck) to serve the construction. However, the 450 ton truck crane also supports only erection of the mast to a height of 100 m. For a higher pole, PCC1 must be installed manually.

It is worth mentioning that when constructing on high, due to the influence of the wind, the pole has a large vibration, causing a lot of difficulties for the construction process. Just combining vehicles and using manual measures, PCC1 must be erected within 2 months to complete a pole position.

PCC1 is trying to complete the stringing of this pole before December 15, 2019. Mr. Quang added: The distance between the two poles crossing the Hau River is 1,378m, but the whole length of the stretching rope is nearly 2,900m. Meanwhile, Hau River is an international transport route managed by the Southern Port Authority. This section of the river often has large ships moving, drones will be use by PCC1 for the construction of towing wire, lightning protection wire, optical cable.

According to Mr. Truong Huu Thanh – Director of SPMB, the progress of energizing phase 1 of the 500kV Song Hau – Duc Hoa transmission line in the middle of December 2019 to supply electricity to Song Hau 1 Thermal Power Plant will be tested. The volume of this phase includes: Line length 36.65 km with 78 poles. By this time, the construction contractors have completed 78/78 foundation positions, 64/78 poles have been completed and are pulling wire.

In phase 2 of the project, there are only 96.35 km with 190 poles, SPMB has delivered 24 foundation positions; approved compensation plan for 164 households, is counting tally the compensation price for 1,958 households. Expectedly, the phase of energizing phase 2 will be at the end of 2020.

The 500kV Song Hau – Duc Hoa transmission line project has a total length of 133km, designed by Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 3 (PECC3) including two circuits, four-wire phase conductor of ACSR 600/76 type, separately the crossings of Hau river and Tien river use 4-wire AACSR 635/117.

This line will transmit electricity from Song Hau 1 and Song Hau 2 power plants in the Southwest region to Ho Chi Minh city and neighboring provinces.


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